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Our Program

EE Show Stable has a training program that offers the best care and coaching for the jumping equestrian. Our training program is designed for clients that own or lease their horse. Tailored to each individuals goals, our program can take you to the Grand Prix ring, medal finals or short stirrup. Whatever your goals are we are here to help you reach them.

For more information about training options and pricing please contact Emily Esau Williams. We look forward to hearing from you.


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EE Show Stables offer an all inclusive program to provide the best training and care for horse and rider. The all inclusive program includes Full Training, Care, Laundry, Supplemental Feed and Supplies. 

Full Training - Includes all training for horse and rider, lessons and pro rides. Supervision and organization of farrier, veterinarian and chiropractor. Preparation and submission of horse show entries. 


Care - Includes all turn out, longeing, hand walking, blanketing and unblanketing, delivery of supplemental feed and lunch, assisting the farrier and veterinarian, wrapping of legs, mane pulls, trimming of muzzles, ears and legs as well as grooming for pro rides.


Laundry - EESS supplies all saddle pads, polo wraps and towels. Laundry is done weekly.  


Supplemental Feed - Includes grain fed AM and PM. Pellets are fed at lunch. 


Supplies -  EESS supplies all brushes, fly spray, show sheen, shampoo, hoof care, horse boots, polos, saddle pads.


Additional Services not included-


Grooming - Tacking up and untacking for client prior to and after lessons.


Body Clips, TheraPlate & Game Ready


Vitamins, Supplements and medications 


Lay-Up Care - for horses rehabbing from injury, includes additional hand walking, administration of medications, supervision of rehab program.


Lessons - for riders who do not own or lease or rider’s trailering-in their own horses


Blanket Wash & Repair 


Board - payable to UK Equestrian


at shows (per show)

Rail Fees - includes, coaching, show rides, horse show office, lessons and schooling rides


Grooming - tacking, untacking, ring attendance, bathing, wrapping, etc.


Night Watch, Show Laundry, Show Supplies, Set-Up 


Expense Splits - Trainer and Groom related expenses, Tack Stalls, Feed & Bedding

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